Fast fashion is out.

We strongly believe that having a good style does not have to come at a high cost for our planet. It can seem overwhelming trying to search through thrift stores or breaking the bank trying to buy high-end sustainable fashion. That’s why we bring items you’ll love and that matches your style without perpetuating the cycle of fast fashion

All items available on LMKStyle are hand selected preloved pieces or made from upcycled materials so you do not have to worry about the environmental impact of your #ootd. All items are 1/1 just like your style. The best part of thrifting is the uniqueness it brings to your personal style. And like any amazing thrifted piece, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

LMKStyle is a one-stop shop to help you become a more conscious consumer through styling with ethically sourced clothes, sharing the best ethical companies, and helping you make impactful buying decisions.

With over 26 billion pounds of textile waste each year, your perfect outfit is already out there. LMK what you’re dying to have in your closet.