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Depop Summer Must Haves

I count on depop for shopping new items that I want and can’t find in my thrift stores. I wanted to share my depop must haves for the summertime! You can find so many unique or trendy items on the app and the best part is the majority is all secondhand. I can still keep my pledge to not buying new all summer while still refreshing up my wardrobe. 

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Fashion Revolution Week 2018

This week we take the time to reflect what happened in Bangladesh at one of the biggest garment factories in the world. It has been five years since the Rana Plaza collapsed and took thousands of lives. These workers repeatedly reported the poor working conditions but they were forced to keep working to meet the high demands of the fast fashion industry.

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Beach Clean-Up 2017

Our lifestyle, by default, is so wasteful. I feel like we compromise excess trash for confidence. It is much easier to use a new plastic bag every day for your lunch rather than clean the same to-go container every night when you get home. Or it is hard to remember to bring your reusable coffee cup to Starbucks. I get the excuses. The problem is all of this trash has to go somewhere. It does not just disappear into mid-air once you throw it away. Realizing this and incorporating a less-waste lifestyle is the first step. 

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