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Depop Summer Must Haves

I count on depop for shopping new items that I want and can’t find in my thrift stores. I wanted to share my depop must haves for the summertime! You can find so many unique or trendy items on the app and the best part is the majority is all secondhand. I can still keep my pledge to not buying new all summer while still refreshing up my wardrobe. 

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Closet Clear Out!!

Part of my journey to a more sustainable closet is clearing out all the clothes that I no longer want. I am not going to lie, this process is always difficult for me. I hold onto items because of sentimental reason or because I picture myself wearing it in the future. This mindset never works out. I usually end up buying something new without shopping my closet first. 

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The Problems with Sale Culture

Consumers do not expect to pay full price for clothing anymore. Retailers have been enticing their consumers by offering major sales for holidays such as Black Friday, Labor Day and Memorial day. Like I mentioned in a previous blog post ( link), retailers have turned these holidays into consumer holidays where they offer extreme deals to get people into their stores and spend money.

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