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Glossier San Francisco Pop-Up

As a huge Glossier fan. When I heard they were opening a San Francisco pop-up shop, I screamed. Glossier is my biggest brand crush at the moment for makeup and skin care. As I’m getting older and having less time to do my makeup, I am trying to go for an easy and minimalistic makeup routine. Glossier is the answer for this.

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Brand Focus: Meer

All of Meer's bras are made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles. The product of their water bottle fabric saves 50 water bottles per yard from being thrown in landfills. Meer not only focuses on creating sustainable bras made from plastic water bottles, they also focus on reinventing the basic bra we are all use to buying.

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Brand Focus: Synergy Organic Clothing

I was so excited to visit Synergy in Santa Cruz, California that produces well made sustainable clothing. Synergy is committed to making clothes with the highest quality organic materials while focusing on empowering everyone involved in their supply chain. They believe in connecting themselves to a global economy and community through their brand.

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