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Depop Summer Must Haves

I count on depop for shopping new items that I want and can’t find in my thrift stores. I wanted to share my depop must haves for the summertime! You can find so many unique or trendy items on the app and the best part is the majority is all secondhand. I can still keep my pledge to not buying new all summer while still refreshing up my wardrobe. 

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My Relationship with Stuff

In Tidying up with Marie Kondo, Marie suggests to clear items out of your life  by going through them one by one and ask yourself “does this item bring me joy”. If the answer is no then it is time to part from that item. I found that by following Marie’s advice it influenced me to part from those items I was holding onto for no reason. Holding onto stuff from high school did not make me any happier.  

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