Glossier San Francisco Pop-Up


As a huge Glossier fan. When I heard they were opening a San Francisco pop-up shop, I screamed. Glossier is my biggest brand crush at the moment for makeup and skin care. As I’m getting older and having less time to do my makeup, I am trying to go for an easy and minimalistic makeup routine. Glossier is the answer for this.

Glossier recently took over a local San Francisco cafe called “Rheas” for the month. They turned a delicious cafe into a showroom for makeup and skincare. This is such a Glossier move.

I went to the pop-up on a Tuesday afternoon. The place was PACKED but luckily there wasn't a long line to get in like I had anticipated. It was very difficult to get good photos inside the boutique, but photos also do not do the pop-up justice for how beautiful and well coordinated it is inside. 


The experience reminded me a lot of the Apple store. You get to explore the products in the boutique and basically give yourself a Glossier makeover.

I love how this isn’t your typical makeup shopping experience. The focus of the store is about getting the feel for their products. Glossier is mostly an e-commerce business, which seems crazy to me considering they sell makeup and skin-care products. Having the chance to touch and try all the products made this whole experience dangerous. I wanted everything.


Once you decide which products you want to take home, you flag down a member of the G-Team, list what you want, and then wait for your beautiful bag of goodies to come from the back. I honestly had to hold back from listing every single product they sell to my member of the G-team.

I ended up purchasing another tube of balm dot com, another Lidstar in the shade fawn, and a bottle of their skin tint foundation. I’m not going to lie I was feeling the opposite of buyer's remorse after leaving the pop-up. I ended up going home and ordering their Boy Brow and Haloscope.


The pop-up will only be in the city until April 15th so if you're curious about Glossier or a huge fan like I am, go ASAP and prepare to want to spend your whole bank account! You do not want to miss out on this experience. 

I am also considering doing a post featuring all my favorite Glossier products. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would be interested in and make sure to let me know which products are your favorite!