The Coolest Resellers at the Moment


Let’s be real, the most sustainable way to shop is to not shop at all and wear what you already own. As much as I try to stick with not shopping, I LOVE clothes. I’m not perfect and trying to completely not shop is unrealistic for me. This is totally okay because I can still stick to not buying new.

I have found that shopping secondhand from cool vintage sellers who do the thrifting for me is the best way to balance my love for clothes and staying sustainable. I have transformed my habit of shopping on Instagram into a more sustainable habit by unfollowing any fast fashion brands and instead follow vintage reseller accounts. This has completely changed the game for me!

I wanted to share my favorite insta accounts to follow. All of these accounts are ran by badass people making such a HUGE change in the world by selling secondhand vintage finds.

I highly suggest giving them a follow/checking out their depop pages. The coolest part is these sellers are located all over the United States. They’re all thrifting in different cities and finding the coolest unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else. It is so much fun supporting small business owners and the planet!