April Closet Challenge

Just like everyone else, I have been hit with the spring cleaning bug. Last week I decided to tackle my closet. I took every single piece of clothing that I own, laid it in a giant pile on my bed, and went through every single item individually. This was an incredibly overwhelming process that took way too long. I ended up with three piles of clothes. One pile of stuff I was keeping, a pile to sell on my depop that no longer fit my style, and clothes that I was unsure about.

The pile of unsure clothes consisted of items that I couldn’t let go of but I have never worn or I don’t reach for them nearly enough to be taking space in my closet.

I decided to challenge myself by keeping all the items from this pile out on a clothing rack and for the next month I have to style new looks with clothes from this pile. If I go all of April without wearing it, it deserves to be passed on to a new owner that will love it.


Within the first week of doing this, I already found a new pair of pants that I can’t stop wearing! About a year ago I thrifted these gingham Free People pants from my local thrift store with the promise that I was going to wear them. A year later and this photo is the first time I’ve worn them. I seriously cannot believe it took me this long to style them. They are such a fun and easy way to have a spring look without trying too hard. I paired the pants with a simple black top from Reformation and my Air Force Ones.

The change in season usually makes me feel like I need to go shopping because I have nothing to wear. By visibly seeing all the clothes I already own and challenging myself to style them all through April will help get rid of the feeling that I need a new wardrobe from spring. I’m going to continue this little challenge all through the month of April to see what other gems I have sitting in the back of my closet.