Rosebowl Flea Market Finds

My favorite thing about living in Los Angeles is the abundance of weekend flea markets and thrift shops. In my opinion, the best flea market is the Pasadena Rosebowl Flea Market that happens every second Sunday of the month. You can literally find everything from clothing to vintage knick-knacks and furniture. 

I have mentioned on my Instagram that I am taking part in 'slow fashion summer' by committing to buying no new clothes all summer long. The goal is to love what you already own or make an effort to thrift for new clothing.


I was in desperate need of new shorts and I knew the Rosebowl would help me out. I found this whole outfit for only $15! I found a vendor that had three massive piles of vintage shorts and all of the shorts were only $5. It was thrifting heaven. 

Shopping second hand is not only great for reducing our fast fashion consumption but it also helps you save money! I highly recommend checking out the Rosebowl Flea Market if you're in the area.