Reformation x Nordstrom Launch Party

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Reformation x Nordstrom launch party at Nordstrom's South Coast Plaza. Reformation's CEO and founder, Yael Aflalo, attended the launch where she gave a Q&A and a brief history of the brand. 

This was a big experience for me. Reformation has been one of my biggest inspirations during my sustainable journey over the last year. Being able to be in the same room as Yael and to hear her passion for her brand is such a big inspiration. 

Yael Aflalo inspires me because she is a problem solver. Yael saw a huge sustainability issue while working in the fashion industry and instead of giving up, she went to fix the problem. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, Reformation is now being sold on Nordstrom's website and in select stores. This collaboration is a big step in the right direction for sustainable fashion because it gives more people are the country the chance to try Ref's clothing. 

I decided to vlog this experience! You can watch it below :)