Reformation Joins Nordstrom

If you have followed me for even a second on any of my social media platforms, you would know that I am a huge Reformation fan. In December I had the chance to tour the Reformation factory and fell even deeper in love with them. Reformation is a leader in transparency and sustainability in the fashion space. They even track your sustainability progress on your own personal RefScale that breaks down how much water, carbon dioxide, and waste you’re saving while shopping with them. 

As someone who cares about how my clothing is made and what impacts it has, I’m a huge nerd about this RefScale. A future post about what the RefScale is coming soon where I ’ll break down my personal scale and how well I’ve done halfway through the year.

Earlier this week, Nordstrom announced that they will be buying wholesale from Ref and carrying it in their stores! Seeing a big department store like Nordstrom making strides towards sustainable fashion brands is exactly what we need. Now Ref will be more accessible to more people around the country both online and in select Nordstrom Stores. 

Because we as consumers have the power to choose where we spend our money, this is our chance to show Nordstrom that brands like Ref are what we are looking for. When I’m shopping at Ref, I know where my clothes are coming from and that I am supporting a fashion company that focuses on sustainability throughout their supply chain.

I’ve done a previous post about the other sustainable brands Nordstrom carries a few months ago. I cannot begin to explain how excited this makes me. I can’t wait to see more positive collaborations with Nordstrom and socially conscious brands in the future. 

It is important to spot out companies that are heading in the right direction. Even small changes towards sustainability or better business practices matter.

I will also be attending the official launch party at Nordstrom's South Coast Plaza location on June 6. Come join me for the chance to meet the CEO, Yael Aflalo.