My Secondhand Graduation

I am so excited to share my graduation dress! I knew I wanted something new to wear, and I specifically wanted a dress from Reformation. Instead of buying brand new, I looked at the Reformation x Depop account where Reformation ‘likes’ other sellers selling their clothes on Depop.

I found the perfect dress. It is floral, light weight, the perfect length, and of course, sustainably made for $98 less than the original retail price.


I messaged the seller soon after I bought it to thank her and let her know I needed it by a certain date for my graduation. Funny enough, this exact dress was what she wore to her graduation the year before! We both bonded over the fact that we were giving this dress another graduation to attend.

The last four years of college have taught me to think before I buy and invest in items that I truly love and am dying to wear over and over again. When I want something new, I look on the app DePop or head to my local thrift store.

IMG_3726 2.JPG

What I love most about shopping second hand is the stories behind the clothing I buy. Was this worn on someone’s first date when they met the love of their life? Was this someone else’s go-to piece last summer?

When you shop secondhand, you give clothing another chapter in its life. And you if you’re lucky, you get cool stories to tell about the clothing you’re wearing.  This chapter is now part of my story. I’ll always be able to look back on my grad photos and remember the quick bond I shared with the previous wearer of my dress and that I helped reduce clothing waste, even by a small percent.