Fashion Revolution Week 2018

This week we take the time to reflect what happened in Bangladesh at one of the biggest garment factories in the world. It has been five years since the Rana Plaza collapsed and took thousands of lives. These workers repeatedly reported the poor working conditions but they were forced to keep working to meet the high demands of the fast fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution Week is an important time to gather our thoughts and spread awareness about the true cost of the fast fashion industry. Many people have heard the story about Rana Plaza but we often do not think about the clothes that were being made in this factory.

Am I wearing the clothes that were made the day before the collapse? Did I contribute to the high demand pushed onto these workers? There is no knowing for sure but this was the turning point for me to really focus on where my clothes were coming from and to start demanding transparency over low prices.

One of my favorite bloggers, Haley, asked me to collab with her for Fashion Revolution Week by answering a few personal questions about myself and how I felt about ethical fashion. I thought I would take the time to also blog my response.  



What does ethical fashion mean to you?

I define ethical fashion as a company that prides itself on being transparent with their customer. Even if every part of their product line isn’t 100% sustainable, ethical fashion companies are doing what they can to make sure everyone who has touched your clothing has been given a fair working wage and working conditions.

Why does it matter to you who made your clothes?

I think many people are under the misconception that your clothes just appear in the stores and then in your closet. When Rana Plaza collapsed it really opened my eyes and made me realize that my low prices were coming at a high cost for those making my clothing. I feel like it is selfish if I am receiving the gift of low prices while the women making my clothing are suffering. It is just fashion.

What brand would you like to see be more transparent?

Zara is a company I use to love because I felt like they were making waves in the fashion industry by being different. However, as they’ve grown in size they have become sneakier and dirtier with their business practices. I feel like Zara used to be a great company with good intentions. They now have the money and funding to be more transparent and I feel like if they were more transparent with their customers, they would be able to dominate the fashion industry again.

I will be posting more this week about Fashion Revolution Week and featuring some of my favorite brands and tips for a sustainable closet. Stay tuned, but in the meantime check out Haley! She creates really helpful content on how to have a holistic lifestyle.

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