The Best $9.95 Subscription: MoviePass

Recently my brother gifted me a subscription for MoviePass. Ironically enough MoviePass was something I had already been doing some research on before he gifted me this.

In short, MoviePass is like Netflix but for the big screen. You get all the joys of going to the theatre; the smell of popcorn, picking what you think is the best seat in the

I am a “poor college student”, as people like to label my type.  I never felt like I could justify spending $13.65 on a movie ticket for a movie that may or may not be good so I missed a lot of movies I wanted to see. To me, $13.65 is basically a whole meal and I can’t see myself denying a nice Trader Joe’s shopping spree for the chance that this might be the best movie ever.

This is one of the few subscription-based business models that has not actually let me down. In one weekend I spent only $9.95 once and I was able to see three movies. IN ONE WEEKEND.

This leaves a lot of extra money to spend at Trader Joe’s, going out, and the movie concession stands (jk I have a hack for this too).  

My focus when it comes to spending money is to gain experience instead of having more stuff. I love that MoviePass gives me a chance to spend time and create memories with my boyfriend. We see films that spark discussion between us and really get us thinking or the movies just get us laughing. In my opinion, this is better than any material item.

To me, it is important to spend my money on things that have a positive benefit. I do not see myself getting over my MoviePass because there is always something new at the theatre each week. Whether I see a movie alone, or with my boyfriend, I am creating experiences for myself.