Brand Focus: Meer

It has been 10 days since I decided to completely boycott fast fashion by finding alternative brands that produce clothing with a sustainable and/or ethical message behind them. I have started this change by completely clearing out my closet of clothes that I haven't worn in the last six weeks and I do not see myself wearing them in the next six weeks. I found that I have been holding onto so much that I couldn't let go of because I was hoping to wear it again or because I wanted to keep it just incase I would ever need it. Having this mindset only resulted in have way too much excess in my drawers that I never even touched. You can follow my journey to finding the sustainable alternatives to my basic essentials on social media under #sustainthebasics

The first part of my finding the right sustainable basics starts with my underwear. One of the best ways to start replacing my fast fashion clothes with more sustainable clothes is to start with my underwear and bras. I came across a new bra company, Meer, on Instagram and immediately fell in love. 


All of Meer's bras are made with 100% recycled post-consumer plastic water bottles. The product of their water bottle fabric prevents 50 water bottles per yard from being thrown in landfills. Meer not only focuses on creating sustainable bras, they also focus on reinventing the basic bra we are all used to buying. The sustainable designs are treated with natural, environmentally friendly biomass to reduce sweat and stain buildup, fight odor-causing bacteria, and increase breathability and moisture wicking (Meer). The goal of Meer is to make bras that are built to last so you can feel your best while practicing good environmental sustainability.

One of my biggest issues with the bras I have now is that they do not last me. It feels like every year I need to replace my set of bras because they are losing their shape, looking old and gross, or just do not fit me comfortably anymore. It is so annoying because, as you probably know, bras are not cheap. With the price we pay for them at places like Victoria's Secret they should be made to last way longer than they do. I am so happy to find a bra company that makes really cute bras but I can also feel good while wearing them because I know they are reducing waste. As of right now, their preorder is happening and they do not officially launch until September. I highly suggest heading to their site to preorder so you can claim yours before they're all gone. 

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