Closet Clear Out!!

Part of my journey to a more sustainable closet is clearing out all the clothes that I no longer want. I am not going to lie, this process is always difficult for me. I hold onto items because of sentimental reason or because I picture myself wearing it in the future. This mindset never works out. I usually end up buying something new without shopping my closet first. 

I just filmed a video where I really deep cleaned my closet. The mindset this time was if I have not worn it in the last six weeks or I do not see myself wearing it in the next six weeks it has to go. There is no reason I need to be holding onto all these clothes that are just taking up space around me. They could belong to someone who would actually enjoy them. 

I filmed the whole process and honestly since then I have felt so cleansed. Of course I am still working on this and it is not perfect. There are many items I held onto because I really do love them but I want to find the right sustainable alternative before I toss it.