Brand Focus: Amour Vert

This past week I went to downtown San Francisco to shop some sustainable fashion stores. This was a long overdue trip. There are so many brands that I have been browsing online but wanted to wait until I had the chance to go into their stores before I purchased anything. As I have mentioned, I have decided to boycott the fast fashion industry because how awful the industry has become. One huge step in this process is to transition my whole closet with sustainable pieces that replace any fast fashion favorites I have. I want a closet of clothes that I love and know were manufactured with sustainability in mind.


I have been admiring the brand Amour Vert, when translated from French means green love, on social media and their online website for weeks now. I  was happy to find it in one of my favorite parts of the city . Amour Vert believes that fashion and corporate responsibility can coexist. Fashion should never have to be sacrificed for sustainability so Amour Vert produces clothing made in America, uses non-toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics, and a zero-waste philosophy.The coolest part about purchasing from Amour Vert is that for every tee you buy, they plant a tree.


I was lucky enough to find the perfect plain white v-neck tee at Amour Vert. I think everyone knows that owning a plain white tee is essential. For the past few years I have owned countless white tees. At one point I owned nine and still felt like I did not have the 'right' one. It's an awful mindset to be in. I would justify purchasing a new tee all the time because of silly reasons like "this one has a pocket" or "this one is a little bit of a deeper v-neck". My drawers were filled with cheap white tees but I still was not happy. I finally found the style that works best for me, a loose deep v-neck that goes well with bralettes or own its own. Owning this one top that I love and fits my style perfectly is all I need.The top is also versatile enough, so Iā€™m able to style it in my different ways. Amour Vert offers a ton of different styles and items. I definitely see myself going back to find more pieces in the future.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 5.47.21 PM.png

You can check out Amour Vert and all of their social media below.