Brand Focus: Synergy Organic Clothing

I have recently decided to completely boycott the fast fashion industry by simply no longer buying from these retailers. Your money is your vote and at the end of the day, the only way to make change is to stop spending your money supporting that industry. I am so tired of spending money on items that are poorly made and likely to fall apart after a few washes. The whole purpose of my journey is to find sustainable options that fit my style and my budget. My first step in my boycott against fast fashion is to find replaces for my staple items that I wear the most with a sustainably made alternative. 

I was so excited to visit Synergy in Santa Cruz, California that produces well made sustainable clothing. Synergy is committed to making clothes with the highest quality organic materials while focusing on empowering everyone involved in their supply chain. They believe in connecting themselves to a global economy and community through their brand. 

I was able to find two really well made and essential pieces at Synergy that replace one of my favorite skirts and a pair of shorts. The best part is they were having a 40% off sale when I went so I was able to get a good price on the items. There is a huge misconception that sustainable clothing is ridiculously expensive. This is so not true! Yes, these brands do have higher price points than Forever 21 or H&M but it is impossible to stay sustainable and sell things super cheap. It is important to know that whatever prices H&M or Forever 21 cut to give you those low prices are shown in the quality or durability of the clothing. I would much rather spend a little bit more money on Synergy clothing because I know that I am getting my money's worth and it is empowering the people that made it. I totally see myself making future purchases at Synergy. 

Check out Synergy's website, Instagram, and Twitter. Their online store has so many great options at a great price point! You also get a 15% off discount code just for signing up for their newsletter.