Brand Focus: Alternative Apparel

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Over the weekend, I went into San Francisco on a little weekend trip. While I was there I spent some time in the Union Square and Haight Street area. It is crazy to see the difference in the areas when it comes to shopping. In Union Square it feels like it is block after block of shopping from every major retailer you could think of. On one corner you have Bloomingdales and the opposite corner you have the biggest Forever 21 you could imagine.


While on Haight Street I decided I wanted to explore some local boutiques to try to avoid any fast fashion retailers. I stumbled upon the coolest little shop called Alternative. They focus on creating clothing that is both eco-friendly and sustainable. It truly is the perfect alternative to fast fashion retailers.

I was so shocked when shopping around in their store to find that their prices were not outrageous. Their clothing averaged to about $35-55 but you can trust that it is made with quality and will not hurt the environment. They also had great sales going on that brought their price point even lower. Honestly, it might seem a little crazy at first to spend $45 for a top that you can get at Forever 21 for $15 but you are also paying for the reassurance that what you are wearing is not killing our environment.