Brand Focus: Girlfriend Collective

I am so happy I was able to my hands on a pair of leggings from Girlfriend Collective. Girlfriend collective is a sustainable clothing brand that specializes in workout attire. The company was inspired by something in Taiwan known as "Garbage Island". The name speaks for itself. The founders of Girlfriend Collective saw the danger of ignoring this issue and took it upon themselves to make a change. Taiwan is a huge leader in recycling. Almost 55% of their waste gets recycled, compared to 35% in the United States. Girlfriend Collective saw an opportunity. They decided to create a special thread that is made up of recycled plastics. The whole process is really cool and you can read about it here

I have actually owned my pair of leggings for a few months now and they are easily my go-to pair out of the countless I own. The leggings are so comfortable and the right amount of stretch. The best part is, they still make your butt look fire!  I honestly do not see myself purchasing from any other major competitor in the future. It is so important to find honest brands that are figuring out how to make change in the fashion industry. These are great quality leggings with a similar price point to Lululemon and Zella, however they are slowing down the fashion process and recycling trash we have already consumed! 


As of right now the clothing launch has been very exclusive. I will admit I was a little late to the game, so I actually purchased these leggings from a seller on Poshmark. The company just recently had another pre-sale event but plans to do another pre-sale sometime in August so make sure to sign up for their news letter to get emailed right away for their next launch!