Shop Locally: Redemption

I had the pleasure of going to the Redemption, 2nd anniversary  celebration in downtown Campbell recently. Redemption is a small boutique new San Jose, California, that sells items solely made in California. I love shopping here because I feel like I'm supporting those in my community. Redemption is such a cute store that literally sells everything! 

My favorite purchase has been this dainty little choker that I bought from the actual jeweler that made it. I talk more about this in my vlog, but I was looking at a jewelry rack while I was being rung up and stumbled upon the perfect chain choker. Long story shorty, the cashier that was ringing me up actually made the choker that I wanted. I have been wearing this choker every day since because it is so special to me to know that this was not just mass produced and sold at the local mall! You can check out Redemption's website here and their Instagram!

If you are ever in San Jose downtown Campbell needs to be one of your short stops. There are so many cute little boutiques that offer a large variety of unique items and great restaurants. 

Below are a few photos of my OOTD because I was really enjoying the weather!