Sustainable Brands at Nordstrom

I have a deep love for Nordstrom. When I decided to completely boycott fast fashion I was a little upset that I would not be able to shop at one of my favorite places anymore. I am so glad that Nordstrom proved me wrong. Nordstrom is an ever-growing company that is constantly trying to adapt to the current retail market. With a ton of new sustainable brands on the rise, Nordstrom has been testing a few brands on their online store as well as in some of their physical stores. I did some research and found some great brands Nordstrom is already carrying on their website. Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns, along with a great return policy. There is no harm in trying out a few new sustainable pieces this fall.

Amour Vert


Amour Vert is one of my favorite sustainable brands. Amour Vert means green love in French. For every tee, they plant a tree. I wrote a more in-depth brand focus about Amour Vert here.

  • Availability: Online only

  • Price Point: Ranges from $50 - 140

  • Department: TBD

  • Style: Versatile and essential



Everlane has such a high range of price point because of all the different fabrics they offer. Everything from cotton, real leather, and cashmere.

  • Availability: Pop-up shops across the country. However, you can buy the collection on

One things I have learned from researching Nordstrom is that they use their pop-up shops as a way to test new brands and how they would perform in their stores. SO BUY EVERLANE! Let Nordstrom know we love it.

  • Price point: As low as $16 - 150

  • Style: large variety of styles. Everlane sells everything from denim, sweats, work tops, and much more.

Michael Stars

  • Availability: Online and in-store

  • Price point: $50 - 130

  • Department: Point of View department

  • Style: large variety of women’s styles. Michael Stars offers everything from the basics, to more trendier pieces.

Eileen Fisher

I was extremely surprised to find out Eileen Fisher, a well known designer brand, is sustainable. Eileen Fisher’s philosophy is “wear what you love, love it longer”. She is focused on creating clothing that has longevity.  You can actually find out more about Eileen Fisher's sustainability on the Nordstrom website.

  • Availability: Online and in store

  • Price point: Higher price point. Eileen Fisher is considered to be a designer brand so the price points tend to be more expensive

  • Department: Individualist



Out of all of the listed sustainable brands, Patagonia is the most widely offered from Nordstrom.

  • Availability: Both online and in store

  • Price point: Since Nordstrom offers such a large variety of Patagonia products, the price range is very broad. On average, Patagonia products are priced similarly to North Face.

  • Department: Men’s sportswear, Women’s active, and kids

  • Style: outdoors lifestyle wear for men, women, and kid

It is so important to remember as consumers, our dollar is our vote. If we are shopping more sustainable brands, department stores like Nordstrom are more likely to respond to our demand and make these brands available in their stores. Not to mention the when you “invest” now in this clothing it will be cheaper in the future because they will be growing too and be able to lower their prices.