90’s meets a little funky — Who is Lexi Marie Krog (LMK)


If I wore it when I was five, it’s probably on my pinterest mood board. I’m inspired by the fashion from the nineties and anything a little funky. I find that it is way easier to express my style shopping second hand. It feels like a challenge searching the internet for vintage pieces that can complete my look rather than running to the mall to find something that was made to “be on trend” and complete the #instalook. Honestly when you use those hashtags that is all you’re achieving — an instant look. 

It’s so much fun being able to discover what style means to me and how I want to personally express it. Some of my favorite outfits are the ones that are completely sourced secondhand because it allows me to use my creativity and resources to create a look. 

My goal for the last two years has been to make purchases that count. Whether it is spending my dollar towards a company that is doing whatever they can to be sustainable (cough cough Reformation) or spending hours scrolling through secondhand sites for the perfect cheetah skirt. It’s all about spending your money where it counts and sticking to your style! 

The biggest joy has come from creating connections with sellers that are just as excited to sell their vintage 90’s skirt as you are to buy it.

My journey through LMKStyle is to show people that choosing where you shop creates just as much satisfaction as owning the latest trend. Shopping sustainable is about expressing yourself, finding your real style, and building connections with the small businesses behind it all.

LMK how you want to make this change in your life and I will help you buy the change.