Reducing consumption, restyling trends, and slowing down fashion
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Shopping that pays. Who is lexi?

In 2017 I decided to completely quit shopping at any fast fashion retailers such as Zara, Topshop, or H&M (just to name a few) and instead look for the more sustainable option.

I have worked in a retail environment for three years and have been exposed to many different types of shopping habits. It felt like so many people went shopping just to find things that were trendy, were a one time wear, or were just mindlessly purchasing clothing they didn’t really need. I could easily relate to this behavior.

I had a closet filled with clothes and still “nothing” to wear.

After further learning about the dangerous effects the fast fashion industry has on our world, I decided it was time to make a change in my shopping and lifestyle habits. And thus, LMKStyle was born.

My focus began with making more conscious clothing decisions and blossomed into finding a world of businesses using their platforms to help create a positive change in the world.

From there, I have gone into exploring and reviewing the different brands I’ve found on my journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

My goal is to show that being a more conscious consumer on any level can make a huge impact.



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